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Overview of GeoFraming ™

GeoFraming ™ (or Venue Replay) is El Toro’s newest cutting-edge advertising technology. Using Venue Replay, you can capture the Unique Advertising Device ID’s of mobile devices present at events, workplaces, and shops. Giving you the ability to build out segments of users based on geolocation interests that make them the perfect target for your online advertising campaign.

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Want to target sports enthusiast? Polygon the stadiums and arenas in the area and target them for the next big event coming to town.

Want to target your competitor’s clients? Polygon your competitor’s locations and target them to come check out your store.

How GeoFraming ™ Works

Device IDs are unique to each device a user owns. By drawing a polygon around the area and selecting a date range we are able to pull data on devices that were seen at the location. This process uses our Lat-Long data to see that there was an ad call to devices in this location and capture the ID. The segment is then set up from this group of device ID’s, but wait there’s more. 40-80% of the devices captured can be attributed back to a home address. From there, we are able to target that home’s network with programmatic digital banner ads using El Toro’s premium technology, IP Targeting.

GeoFraming ™ Is Not GeoFencing


  • Geofencing Requires users to opt-in.
  • Uses cell towers to correlate a location.
  • Able to serve digital ads to users only when in the specified area at the specified time.
  • Use in real time only.
  • Cannot follower users to home.
  • Cannot continue to serve ads at users home.



  • Requires person to search the internet and receive an ad placement.
  • Does not require someone to opt-in.
  • Uses latitude-longitude data to target down to the squared meter level.
  • Household IP Address can be collected and saved from the inventoried Device ID’s once they travel back home.
  • You can then use El Toro’s IP Targeting to target the Household IP Address with digital display ads.
  • Use in real time or target the Device ID’s that were inventoried at past areas up to 6 months ago!

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