GeoFraming vs Geo-Fencing


  • Requires someone to have location services turned on.
  • Requires someone to opt-in.
  • Uses cell towers to correlate a location.
  • Able to serve digital ads to only the devices that went into the specified area at that specified time.
  • Use in real time.


  • Requires person to search the internet and receive an ad placement.

  • Users have already opt-in by previously opt-in data.

  • Uses latitude-longitude and able to target down to the meter squared level.

  • Household IP Address can be collected and saved from the inventoried Device ID’s once they travel back home.

  • You can then use El Toro’s IP Targeting to target the Household IP Address with digital display ads.

  • Use in real time or target the Device ID’s that were inventoried at past areas up to 6 months ago!